Our Work

Critical Issues in our Community

What We Do

Our success is measured by the lives we transform : the children who succeed, the families that thrive, the partners that align with us, leveraging their resources and expertise to transform the lives of children, young adults, and families in our community and move them forward into a brighter future.

These stories are our commitment to the children, families, and disabled in our community, and the challenges we face together : a disabled person goes from being at home by him or herself bored and not having a purpose to excelling in helping others in the community by helping others in our store. A disabled child goes from having little to no community support and feeling empty inside to becoming involved in activities and a valued member of the community and feeling more whole, loved, and valued.

Change starts small, but our goals are big and hopeful: from transforming a few lives to hundreds of lives in our community.

Awaken the Giant

Awaken the giant within for a better life for people in the community. By this we mean to help the general community understand what they can do to help our cause and the people that need our help.

We can partner with community-based organizations to resolve inequities in the community and ensure that children and the disabled have the tools they need to be successful, from cradle to career.

Supporting the Disabled

We help disabled people to gain work experience with hopes of gaining meaningful employment in the community.

We aim to be leader in our community by providing employment opportunities to the disabled. These opportunities allow them to feel like valued members of the community and make meaningful contributions. They can also learn to help others in their situation so they can be more successful in their lives.

Support Our Work

Our challenge is making the systemic changes that will reach hundreds children and families of the disabled.