Vision statement

Awakening the giant within for a better life.

Mission statement

To openly receive people in desperate situations and assist them in learning about and implementing successful life patterns, in order for them to lead stable, positive and productive lives.

Values statement

To become the foundation of strength for our disabled community and provide unique services based on theirs individual needs.

Our board:


Christian counselors, founder and co-founder of A.I.C. Joseph and Cynthia Edhuine have a goal of helping individuals to awaken the giant within for a better life to discover and pursue their dreams.


Pierre Maxime Sincere

Full time, E.P.A and linguist. Pierre and his family are passionate about helping unfortunate people and believe that we can all make a difference with A.I.C.


Shannah Lype

Currently attending Northern Arizona University, where she will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education in 2016. Shannah hopes to help families across Arizona by sharing her time.


Cecil Butler

Competitive All-Star cheerleading Coach and former Professional Assistant Cheer Coach has worked with the disabled population since 2006. Cecil strongly believes each of us can make a difference, by sharing our time, talent or treasure.